SIINEO Lunched in 2014, SIINEO is the Electronic shopping market.

supported by wide range of tailored marketing, data and service solution. SIINEO offers a diverse assortment in categories ranging from consumer electronic, household goods, home appliances, equipment etc.

SIINEO is focused in providing excellent customer experiences, comprehensive customer care, ease of purchase and hassle free shopping and easy return experiments.

SIINEO has a wide network of distributors and dealers across Kathmandu Valley. SIINEO operates many retail outlet branches across Kathmandu. These outlets are equipped with service equipment and teams to serve the customers with service after sales.

Why SIINEO Products?

  • We provide the best battery or water purifier or UPS available in the market
  • Easy purchase and best comprehensive customer case with return policy
  • Wide range of network and many dealers and distributors across Kathmandu
  • We offers diverse assortment in categories ranging from customer electronic, household appliances, equipment etc
  • We offer home delivery service too for customer convenient
  • Ease of purchase and hassle free shopping

Our Mission And Vision


We aim to improve in all areas, and stay the leading multinational company.


We will provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers.


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